White Chocolate Mocha


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White chocolate mocha is delicious drink/latte we can serve at any occasions. It is easy and need no long time to prepare with various recipes available. Just search on Google and we will find lists of them. To make a great white chocolate mocha we should consider at least two things: the blend of the drink and topping we put onto.

Blending the chocolate with fruits flavored milk creates great and fresh taste. Kids love it much. In addition, we can also add more chocolate or coffee to original milk to get bitter more on taste. Some have experimented with cinnamon, cloves or other ingredients but the point is that we know the basic way of making white chocolate mocha. The following recipe can be practiced at home.

To make a white chocolate mocha we need ingredients including 6 cups prepared strong-brewed coffee, 1 cup white chocolate chips, 2 cups milk of any flavor and prepared whipped cream.

As these ingredients ready, heat in a small saucepan the milk over medium heat until small bubbles appears. Remove the milk from heat and whisk in white chocolate chips until turn to smooth; this way the syrup is made. Otherwise, ad ½ cup of syrup to 12 ounces of coffee and top with whipped cream. For latte version, blend 12 ounce of coffee and ½ cup of the syrup in a blender and use medium to high speed until frothy. It may take about 1 minute, then pour it into big mug and top with whipped cream.

To make the whipped cream prepare 1 pint heavy whipping cream, 1 table spoon vanilla extract and ¼ cup powdered sugar. Pour powdered sugar and whipping cream in a large bowl and whisk on high (stand/hand mixer is suggested) until the volume doubled and look nice and fluffy. Then pour the vanilla extract and whip until well blended.

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