Valentine’s Day Chocolate


No day like Valentine to be so attached with chocolate. All chocolate makers around the world would not miss this special moment. Chocolates prove to outperform all ways to share love with beloved one. Today chocolate makers are in pierce competition to offer best chocolate for Valentine day. According to Independent following are five best Valentine Day Chocolates we can share.

Number one is Marks and Spencer Large Heart Box, tagged with £25 of price has huge, heart shaped, textured and cushioned box as if it is a gift itself but we will find the real treats inside with more than 35 delicious chocolates with flavors ranging from marc de champagne to alphonso mango. It is set so delightfully where at the center the biggest heart shaped chocolate (perhaps the best taste) will express love more than a poem.

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Number Two is Hotel Chocolat Love Potions tagged with £10 With total 16 chocolates inside and flavours ranging from passion berry margarita to golden kiss martini. It is combination of cocktails and chocolate.

Number three is Charbonnel et Walker Sea Salt Caramel Heart priced £30 with excellent balance between salt and caramel in small heart shaped treats. We will get extra bonus a peacock design in the box which looks so great.

Number Four is Godiva Coeur Grand Chocolates priced £21. This Belgium chocolate is so long established and inside the heart shaped box of Godiva we will find lots of smaller hearts made from white, milk or dark chocolate and filled with praline or ganache and all are so tasty.

Number five is Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Hearts priced £4,5. The box itself has wonderful design and inside we will find a mini dark chocolate heart. Divine has its own fanatic fans and one of the reasons is that it is owned by cocoa farmers.

Finally The Valentine's Day Chocolate is so special and unless we are skillful and confident enough to make it by ourselves we may rely on such established makers.

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