Low Carb Chocolate


Chocolate lovers in diet program seem to look for Low carb to stay healthy and more importantly to keep body shape beautiful. We can find many recipes on Google ranging from simple to sophisticated. The suggestion is just try the most workable recipe first before moving to more laborious and complicated one.

Flourless and low sugar recipes offer great solution for those who are in diet program but hesitate to stop eating chocolate. However it is good idea to visit stores for buying some low carb chocolate cookies or cakes and pick which one is the best in our opinion before trying to make it at home.

We can make simple Low carb chocolate truffles according to one recipe. First we need to make available ingredients including ½ cup pyure Stevia Blend Sweetener or its substitute. 9 ounces heavy cream and 1 package best quality unsweetrened baking chocolate (about 4 ounces and chopped).

As these ingredients ready follow this instruction step by step. First place chocolate in shallow heatproof bowl and then set aside. Warm using medium to low heat sweetener and cream in small saucepan until the sweetener dissolves and the mixture turns hot (but not simmering).

Pour hot cream to chocolate and let it for a minute before whisk them gently together using a fork. Thick mixture will be formed (but still liquid). Refrigerate ganache until firm enough and next line baking sheet using parchment. Scoop truffle mixture onto parchment using small cookie scoop. Then keep truffles in the refrigerator, allow it to slightly cool at room temperature and ready to serve.

Low carb chocolates can be combined with other tasty ingredients such as low fat beans or we can include some fruits like banana or avocado. Finally, combination of great nutritional facts and luscious taste are the point we search in this chocolate serving.

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