Healthy Mexican Food


What come to mind when talking about Mexican food is its excessive cheese and fatty ingredients. Maybe true, but it is not the overall story. Mexican dishes also use fresh vegetables, good protein and fiber rich bean blended with their great taste. Perhaps one of important points in healthy Mexian food is less saturated fat and calories. Following are some of them.

Number one is Roast Chicken Soft Tacos. They are good substitutes for beef varieties, so rich of vegetables and low saturated oil and calories. According to one source, each serving contains 37 proteins and under 315 calories with only 5,2 grams of fat and 1,3 g saturated fats.

Number Two Baja Fish Tacos. Similar to chicken tacos it is also low in saturated fat where 2 tacos just give us 232 calories and 6 gram fat, 1 g saturated fat per serving. How about the taste? Have no worry! it warrant us to be addicted

Number Three Mushroom, Corn and Poblano Tacos. It is great option for vegetarian who loves tacos where several ingredients may fill inside with only 20 minutes to make. It gives us 14,4 grams fat and 4,5 g saturated fat per serving.

Number Four Sweet Potato and Spinach Quesadillas. This vegan friendly dish contains so rich calcium (even better than a glass of milk) plus beta carotene to boost our immune in sweet potato. It gives us under 400 calories, 13,8 grams fat and 4,7 g saturated fat per serving.

Number five Chicken Quesadillas with Roasted Corn Salsa. It is made from leftover roasted chicken or even rotisserie chicken with only 10 minutes to prepare and 14 minutes of cook time. Per serving we will get 11 grams fat and 2 gram saturated fat.

There are many others healthy Mexican Foods we can eat in Mexican Restaurants. However, successfully working it at home will be a great experience. We can search on Google many Mexican recipes and try to pick the most workable one.

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