Healthy Indian Food


Most people would imagine oily, spicy, hot, fatty and creamy when reading Indian Food. Partly it is true, but not entirely. Indian foods offer various healthy spices used both for improving taste and to retain nutrients since we should know that some of them are prepared in many steps. Next truth about them is that Indian foods are rich of proteins, fats, carbohydrates to keep our body stay healthy, energetic and fresh.

Among healthy fatty Indian food is buttermilk. Since long time Ago Indians is well known by their ability to prepare milk in many ways. Indian Buttermilk contain about 1000 calories and 2 grams fat per cup in spite of the name. In fact, buttermilk holds no butter and low in fat since it is made from low fat milk. So, it is good idea to include this food into our daily diet.

India has a solid stew made from chickpeas, legumes and various spices called Sambar dal. It is so popular and healthy where each portion may contain 50 calories, 15,0 grams protein, 2,6 gram carbohydrates and 1.8 gram fat. The taste is so spicy and yummy. Meanwhile Tandoori chicken would offer delicious chicken dishes. Seasoned in Tandoori masala and marinated in yogurt, Tandoori chicken creates its fanatic fans not only in India but in the world. Once people used to taste this spicy chicken they would remember it most each time come to Indian Food restaurant. One leg piece contains about 26 calories, 5,0 gram carbohydrates, 13,0 grams fat and 30,5 grams protein.

India sub continent has so many cultures and foods from south to the north, east to the west. This fertile land has long been blessed with various spicy and nutritious plants to be prepared into vast array of traditional foods. For example, North Indian Dish Rajma made from red kidney beans in thick gravy and so spicy is good to be included into our daily diet. Hara bhara kabab is another vegetarian kabab. It is crispy with aromatic spices and surely healthy ingredients and superb taste. Per serving it contains about 73 calories and 2 grams protein.

Actually, India still has vast array of healthy and delicious foods we should try. If we visit Indian restaurants, menus like Bhindi ki subji, sol kadhi, spinach curry and chickpea, chicken dhansak and others. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian menus will offer equal superb taste.

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