Healthy Food For Kids


When come to question what constitute healthy food for kids we might aspire to great nutritious foods. It is not difficult for many parents getting healthy food for children. But the problem is how to get our kids actually eat those foods. It is not as easy like we put nutritious vegetables, fruits, milk, meat etc in refrigerator and they eat them cheerfully. So, art of cooking such nutritious foods need to be mastered by considering what kids love much. Following are some of healthy foods we can offer to kids.

Tofu. It is great source of B vitamins, protein, calcium and irons made from soy beans. Just find good tofu recipes for kids and we have many testimonies that kids love it. In addition, tofu is good to combine with other healthy ingredients such as broccoli, beans, shrimps and others.

Sweet Potato. Some categorized it as one of the most nutritious vegetables. It has great vitamin A for healthy eyesight and act as antioxidant for body. It has natural sweetness and bright color liked by most babies. Just bake sweet potato for side dish and put great toppings like cinnamon sugar or vanilla yogurt to get kids attention.

Yogurt, drinking with plenty of probiotics to keep stomach healthy. Offer plain non fat or low fat yogurt and give honey to attract kids. Sprinkle fresh fruits to make them want more. Yogurt has higher calcium than a cup of milk.

Salmon. It has high quality protein with omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for brain development and heart health. Naturally it is delicious so we don’t need to put too much seasoning. Cooking salmon with vegetables will help your kids to learn loving vegetables more.

Avocado. It has mono unsaturated fats kids need in their daily diet. About 25 to 35% of kid’s calories is found to come from fats. Ripe avocado mixed with dash of lemon juice and salt will attract your kids to love this super healthy fruit.

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