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Speaking about healthy food seems to closely relate with nutrition facts. We know it from cardboard of meals we bought, health magazine, staff health and so on. Yes it is true that what categorized as healthy must meet requirements such as balanced calories, fat, protein, and fibers among other.

There are numerous healthy foods in our surrounding and the point is to balance consumption of vegetables and fruits in one extreme and carbohidrate, protein and fat. In addition we need to consider physical activities we do everyday and based on what energy needed to perform such tasks effectively we can make our own nutrition table. Many recipes ranging from vegan and non vegan are available and today recipes tend to pay more attention on such balance.

Among ingredients contained in healthy foods are grains. Eating whole grains more often is very recommended by nutritionist since it helps us to feel fullness and key nutrients. We can also choosew foods for example fat free or low fat milk, cheese, yogurt and soymilk to support our bone strength.

In addition to these ingredients, the way we cook also matter. Some important nutrients may be damaged during preparation steps. That’s why eating raw food such as sushi ensure our body get enough nutrients. However we must bear in mind about hygiene of the raw foods.

Every culture has its own healthy foods to balance with their heavy and high calories food. India for example, as country with wellknown thick sauce, high saturated fat milk also presents numerous vegan dishes which are very supportive for our body.

So, to be pretty healthy from our food, just try to include half of our plate with vegetables and grains. Should we are so addicted to fatty meals try to balance it with drinking enough water and be more active to compensate what we have eaten.

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