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Dove chocolate discoveries is famous brand due to luscious taste and so many variant it offers. Yes it is famous brands where many people get into business with. Launched back in 2007 as subsidiary of Mars Incorporated (famous chocolates and confectionery manufacturer) It becomes direct sales company. Its wide arrays of products include ready to eat chocolate, chai tea, cookies, caramel dessert sauces, chocolate truffles, sugar free dark chocolate treats and other making Dove Chocolate reputable for its delectable and irresistible desserts.

This company offers consumers both to shop for chocolates products and to take business opportunities from huge market share of chocolate lovers. It is best to search information directly in dove chocolate’s website. It is common among Dove Chocolate fans to share various recipes to try at home and company supports are available to spread more opportunity and innovation in chocolate based desserts, cakes or cookies.

The one we might feel great is Cocoa Spice Garlic Bread. It has ingredients including 1 loaf Italian bread, 6 table spoons butter, 2 table spoons garlic, minced, 1 table spoon DCD sweet n Spicy Cocoa rub and 2 Tablespoon parsley chopped. As these ingredients ready we move to processing stages. First preheat oven to 350 degrees and in mix butter, garlic, cocoa rub and parsley in a small bowl. Then split bread in half lengthwise and spread the mixture over the bread. Bake for about 12 to 15 minutes or until it turn to be lightly toasted. Serving in large pieces is good option.

Too many words needed to explain more about Dove Chocolate Discoveries and none more deserved to provide it except the official company website. However, shared experiences with this brand among customers and consumers would be great source of inspiration and idea both for gaining information about DCD and our experiences working with chocolate in our kitchen.

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