Chocolate Wedding Favors


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It is great to prepare the chocolate wedding with our beloved one. This project takes about 10 minutes per favor. Meanwhile the better cooking skill spouse manage the process, the other can help the tasks like measuring and pouring the ingredients. Following is the easy one to prepare

To work this project out, first prepare ingredients for making 1 favor including 1 clear glass jar, pint size, ½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder, ½ cup sugar, ½ cup powdered milk, Crushed peppermint candies, Pinch of salt, Mini marshmallows and Mini chocolate chips. Next also prepare Tape measure, 2-in.-wide ribbon in brown, Scissors, Double-sided tape, 1-in.-wide ribbon in mint, Computer with Microsoft Word, Printer. Cardstock, 8 ½ in. by 11 in, Hole punch and Twine.

As these ingredients ready follow the process: First fill each jar including layer sugar, cocoa powder, salt, and powdered milk. Then add mini marshmallow layer, crushed peppermint candies layer and top with chocolate chips layer. Seal the jar tightly.

Next measure the jar circumference and cute brown 2 inch ribbon to length. Use small piece of double side tape on the jar to secure the ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the jar by pressing the ends onto double side tape. Cut mint colored ribbon twice with length equal to brown ribbon. Wrap it around the jar by centering over the brown ribbon and tying it to a bow.

Next we make a tag in computer (using Microsoft Word) using office program and make a good writing and print it on cardstock. Then cut with scissor and make a small hole at top so we can tie it to jar metal closure with the twine. Just so easy. Repeat this process for another favor.

There are many other creative tips to practice so searching on Internet will enrich our idea to prepare chocolate wedding favor. However, some believe that the best idea always comes from ourselves.

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