Chocolate Covered Potato Chips


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Chocolate covered potato chips is great and crispy. Everybody likes potatoes chips due to its crispy, salty and spicy tastes. But to combine them with bitter and sweet of chocolate is another obsession to be true. Big manufacturers have responded this possibility a bit long time ago. Now we can easily find such product with many variants.

Potato chips have been suggested as healthy snacks with low calories and delicious of course. We eat them when we are in theater, at home with families, gathering with colleagues at offices or hanging out with friends. It is the snack we will not gain significant weight as we consume in equal portion with other snacks.

Potato great fans might not be satisfied just to grab and go the snack from stores. Homemade chocolate covered potato chips seem to be great idea to work with. Actually it is easy to do and no need too long of time. Following recipe can be a good one to try at home.

First, gather simple and easy to get ingredients including 2 tablespoons vegetable shortening, 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips, and 1 (6 1/2 ounce) package ruffled potato chips. As they are ready further to next steps.

Start the process by mixing chocolate chips and shortening in a small glass dish. Heat on high level of microwave oven 1 ½ to 2 minutes where the mixture would melt and smooth when stirred. Next, dip one at a time chips into the chocolate, coat one half to three quarters each. Then pull the chip against dish edge to clean chocolate excess and put the chips on baking pan lined with wax paper. Let them to firm at room temperature for about 15 minutes before transfer them into refrigerator. Let them to set completely and we can serve them. The chocolate covered potato chips taste can be enriched by adding more spicy ingredients such as cinnamon or cloves as desired. While the sweetness can be adjusted by adding or lessening the sugar (or sweeteners).

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