Candy Bar Fundraiser Ideas


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Candy bar fundraiser programs should consider at least two things: the earning and the product. It should be a fun and challenging things to do. Yes, we can raise fund for group or organizations ranging from school groups to church organizations or athletes. Some manufacturers have dedicated program to accommodate any initiatives related with fund raising program. One of them is Hershey.

Many candy bar fundraiser assortments have been provided by Hershey which we can sell for earning profits. It is so simple and effective to do. For example, Hershey launches $2 candy assortment and Max and chocolate town candy assortments to support groups or organizations for fundraising for sport teams, school groups or organizations. Once more, it is fun and simple to do.

In addition Hershey also offers various incentive to reward sellers and customers and to motivate groups. For example, Groups can earn free 5-lb HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Bar for every 8 cases (32 assortment carriers) of the Max and Chocolatetown Assortments sold or for every 6 cases (24 assortment carriers) of the $2 Assortment sold. Customers will get a $1 SUBWAY coupon for every Max & Chocolatetown Assortment bar. So the programs will profit us more in our fundraising program.

There are many other great ideas for Candy Bar Fundraiser Programs whether we buy from suppliers or we make them ourselves. One unique idea many groups have tried is to buy the candy bar from suppliers and to repack the product themselves in more creative way.

In addition, fundraising programs need to put more attention on distribution process. Today, many groups or organizations sell their products online. They just spread the forms where potential buyer would fill information required such as name, address, number of order and payment method. Afterwards, the candy bars would just be delivered and done. In summary, many ideas can be arranged by some different good ideas.

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