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Dark chocolate is said the best chocolate variant in the world. Is it true? The right answer about the best dark chocolate is subjective. One might prefer one brand rather than other and so on. Dark chocolate has deeper bitterness than any other chocolates. Eaten its pure form, some people might have stomachache.

One reason dark chocolates liked by many people is that they have great chemistry when combined with other flavor and ingredients. Blend it with peanut butter for example, we will get bitter, sweet and salty into one combination. Following are some of the best dark chocolates we can consider according to one article.

First, Valrhona Noir Extra Amer 85% Cacao. It is bar with sleek, dark (almost black) and smooth with red hind. Let it entering the mouth, then it will slowly and smoothly melt to reveal nutty, floral and coffee notes. Cinnamon flavor also presents and the texture seems so glowing. Each serving has 20g fat (12g saturated) and 15g carbs (6g fiber, 5g sugar). Per bar we get 2,5 servings.

The second is Chocolate XOXOX Extra Strong Dark – 77% Cacao. It has slightly higher sugar, a good dark chocolate for beginners with creaminess and accessibility of lesser cacao bar. Some said that the tastes a bit like coconut. It comes with 3 serving per bar and each serving contains 13g fat (8g saturated) and 11 g carbs (3g fiber, 6g sugar).

Third , Dagoba Eclipe – 87% Cacao. It has complex flavors including, clove, fruit, allspice, and other spice mixtures. The texture seems not too great but the intense flavor seem to compensate. 1 serving per bar of Dagoba Eclipse contains 26g fat (16g saturated) and 19g carb (8g fiber, 7g sugar).

Fourth, Scharffen Berger Extra Dark, 82% cacao. IT has 2 servings per bar, each contains 19g fat (12g saturated) and 17g carbs (6gh fiber, 8g sugar). It comes with red wine and figs, honey and spice.

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