Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies


Chocolate chip cookies is another favorite snack all ages loves. Presently we can easily find such snack in almost every food stores, even some believe that it is mandatory item to be put rack. In fact, many recipes of chocolate chips cookies have been made and as its popularity grows so does the innovation. What once used to be named as chocolate chip cookies today now we might find it at store shelves added with "original" label. Many ingredients have been added and most fruits seems to be perfect soulmate of chocolate. So, what about banana in choco chips blend?

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Actually it is not a new recipe. Banana has been long people used as ingredient for many cookies and snack. It has soft texture and surely sweet taste and don't worry about its nutritional facts. Professional athletes consume banana in addition to other energy boosting fruit like Watermelon for maintaining their stamina. For cooked food some types of banana are more suitable than other despite all bananas can be rawly eaten. Home made cookies fans must be familiar working with banana and for those who never make chocolate chips banana cookies before it is highly recommended to start from the simplest recipe. Just don't worry because probability to make yummy cookies still great.

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Among simple and workable recipes to make chocolate chips banana cookies is as following. First we need to prepare all ingredients to make original chocolate chips plus banana. Ripe and even overripe bananas will be perfect to add into mixer bowl. Just cream them to smooth and mashed. Then we can add sugar and butter to the creamed bananas and cream once more to ensure the butter not being lumpy. Add vanilla and eggs and mix again. While in separate bowl we can mix all dry ingredients without nuts and chocolate chips and then blend it to banana mixture . Next we can add chocolate chips and nuts and stir until finished and ready to bake in preheated oven.

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This chocolate chips banana cookies is perfect for snack or even breakfast. So easy to grab and go for leisure times at home, snack for kids as they go to school or adults as they work or study. There might be numerous recipes to inspire us, however, mastering basic skills in processing choco chips would matter. Quality of chocolate chips cookies depend on details in the process in addition to the quality of ingredients we use.

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