Easy and Luscious Avocado Chocolate Pudding Recipe


Today popular pudding recipes bring more natural ingredients both chefs and experts suggest most. Avocado in pudding offers perfect combination of delicious and healthy grab and go item for dessert or snack. Everybody loves pudding and that's why we can easily find such item in mall, dept store and grocery. But one thing to bear in mind that bringing home instant pudding also increase our health risks. Just check the label out and we will find several chemical compound ingredients, vegetable oils and artificial flavoring. Considering the taste perhaps instant pudding is sufficient, but not as such if we have more awareness about healthy life style.

Avocado is perfect option for pudding lovers even those in diet program. It is sweet enough without having high fructose level and also rich of healthy fats to keep our cholesterol in safe zone. We can mention more others advantageous ingredients with expert well known chemical names and all support that avocado provides great health boost. The point is that avocado will be perfect edible fruit to eat both in raw and in processed form as in pudding.

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Blending Avocado and chocolate in a pudding is great idea. Everybody knows how delicious chocolate is and it is hard to find anybody who does not like chocolate. Health professionals have agreed that chocolate has ingredients incredibly great to maintain our health and stamina and many chocolate based products have been integrated to our global culture. Numerous recipes have been made. New recipes continue to appear and nobody sure they would stop to innovate.

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Avocado Chocolate Pudding comes with perfect blend of yummy and healthy we can expect from a snack or dessert. However, it is easy to do your self. So many pudding recipes we can find in Google or magazines. Some people also found their own recipes or inherited from their parents. But it seems that we don't need too much worry about making such delicious pudding since the ingredients it self, of avocado and chocolate, are already yummy and luscious.

One easy but working recipes we can try is as following. First we need all ingredients including 3 or 5 avocado in large or medium size, ensure that they are ripe and soft. Also, 1/4 cup of high quality cacao powder along with 3 to 5 table spoons of coconut milk. A tea spoon vanilla extract, two tea spoons of coconut oil and 2 table spoons of raw  honey will improve pudding taste.

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Blend all of these ingredients for about 5 minutes or until we know it has been smooth enough and then refrigerate the blend for about 30 minutes and done.

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